Pinstripes – DC


Decor wise, Pinstripes does not have anything too special to offer. They give very traditional restaurant feels, and have the space to accommodate a lot of larger groups. Also, there were lots of families there, probably due to the fact that there is bowling alley.


For a person who enjoys breakfast food and does not mind buffets, Pinstripes has a lot to offer. The buffet features a waffle and omelette station, fruit and pastries, salads, flatbreads, pasta, a variety of meats and desserts. They have everything necessary to craft a filling and satisfying brunch.

FOOD (1)

I swear every single time I tell someone, “I don’t do buffets,” they respond “No this one is good, I promise.” I am not sure why people keep insisting that their buffet suggestion will be the exception, because it’s not. It was my friend’s birthday, she wanted to do a brunch buffet, so of course I went. Food quality was definitely better than most buffets, but I did not like all the random food I was forced to eat. Granted, I am a picky eater who does not enjoy breakfast food so this is probably a personal thing. My plate was filled with fruit, shrimp cocktail, Tuscan chicken pasta, and chocolate covered strawberries, which is not the best pairing with mimosas.

Service (1)

Because Pinstripes is a buffet, there is little to expect from the wait staff. The only worry our waiter had was to keep our glasses full, which he was perfect at. Sometimes, a party of six (that drinks a lot) can struggle with having a waiter that does not fill up glasses quickly enough, but that was not the case here.

Overall Rating (1)

2 Star Rating

Two cheers! Despite the fact that I did not personally love my brunch plate, I have no complaints about Pinstripes. Will I make the suggestion to go back? Probably not, I still hate buffets. Regardless, they have a variety of food, the service was great, and most importantly I left feeling good! Pinstripes makes sure that you get every penny’s worth of the $36 you pay for bottomless and the brunch buffet. To top things off, they have a bowling alley and bocce ball so you can play a game after you finish your food.

Pinstripes has Sunday buffet brunch from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. for $36 with bottomless mimosas.

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