Woodland – NYC


The decor is rustic with exposed brick, oak tables, and metal chairs. The basement is very clublike, with dim lighting and a dance floor while upstairs has floor to ceiling windows. In the summer there is a back patio that offers more seating.

Woodland is a staple for young, Black, millennials in the city because of its vibes. There’s a live DJ spinning hip hop, R&B, reggae and soca. Once everyone has a couple mimosas and the music is blaring, expect to see people getting out heir seats to twerk, whine, and two step. Once you’re finished eating, you can head downstairs and go into full party mode.



Woodland offers typical brunch plates like Steak and Eggs, Egg Frittata, and Chicken and Waffles. They also have Caribbean inspired plates like Jerk Shrimp and Grits and Ackee & Saltfish Spring Rolls. Bottomless mimosas will run you $20.

FOOD (1)

I went with fried calamari with jerk aioli to start and had chicken and waffles for my entree. The calamari was perfectly cooked and the jerk aioli took it to the next level. The fried chicken was nicely seasoned and the waffle has hints of cinnamon; a nice take on a classic. Overall the food wasn’t bad. Most party brunches’ food is lackluster, so the food being tasty was a pleasant surprise.


Service (1)

If you’re going to Woodland, expect to stand outside for no less than 45 minutes waiting for a table, and if you get there after 1 o’clock, you probably won’t be seated. Woodland does not take reservations, so wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to make friends with the people in line with you. Once you make it to the door, you’ll be greeted by rude hostess with bad attitudes. If you actually get in, I will say that mimosas are truly boomless. Woodland has perfected the “boozy” part of boozy brunch.

PS: Expect to wait extremely long in line again for the bathroom. At least they’re consistent right?

Overall Rating (1)

Two Cheers

Woodlands is a great spot for brunch-beginners and those visiting New York. It’s a great spot to go for a one stop party and brunch. I recommend going during the summer, so you can fully experience Woodland!

Woodland has brunch every Saturday 12P- 5P, and Sunday 12PM – 6PM


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