City Tap House – DC


City Tap House is a gastropub that is in the old STK building. The outside looks like a nice, classic restaurant but the inside gives you regular pub feels. I went on St. Patrick’s day, and the staffed was dressed in green, so the vibe perfectly matched the holiday. Outside of that, the restaurant definitely is on the more casual and chill side of brunch because its basically a bar that also serves brunch.



I had originally chosen another spot for St. Patty’s Day brunch, but someone in my party wanted a place that served shrimp and grits, so last minute we ended up here. They had had a bunch of regular brunch options, salads, and brick oven pizzas. In hindsight I should’ve chosen a pizza because that’s a lot harder to mess up. Although one of my friends ordered the burger and she party hated her food too.

FOOD (1)

Shrimp and grits is my go-to brunch food, so I’ve had them enough to rank them from best to worst, and I’d have to say that is by far the worst I’ve ever had. They served the shrimp and grits with a side of collard greens and eggs, which I thought would help things, but it didn’t. I hate greens so I did not eat those, the half cup grits they gave were unseasoned and the egg just didn’t do anything for me. My plate left me unsatisfied and still hungry.

Additionally, we ordered hush puppies as an appetizer, which I was initially against but let my friend convince me to do it. Hushpuppies are something I only have at my grandma’s house when she fries them up for you, and I think it will stay that way. Our hushpuppies came out extremely burnt, and tasted like they had been cooked in old and overused oil.



Service (1)

The service left a lot to be desired. We had to remind our waiter twice about the appetizer we ordered, and it still came out almost an hour later with our food. He also fumbled on the most important part: the mimosas. He started off by only filling up our glasses about a fourth of the way full, and even once I convinced him to pour us up more he was extremely slow with the refills.

Overall Rating (1)

1 Star Rating

One Cheer. Other than the fact that City Tap House is located in Dupont, which is close to day parties, there is not much else positive I can say. The food was not good and the service was subpar, so this is not a place I would recommend anyone else try.

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