HalfSmoke – DC


The decor and set-up of the restaurant reminds you of some the favorite things about your childhood. The restaurant harps on the idea of, “don’t grow up it’s a trap,” and maintaining that fun element of being a kid.They give the menus in Lisa Frank binders, serve some of the meals in vintage lunch boxes, and bring your check in VHS boxes.

Also, there is a free photo booth near the bathroom where you can take photos and GIFs of yourself, as well as games scattered all over the restaurant. The place has multiple flat screen televisions playing all the hits from TLC and New Edition to Ja Rule and Ashanti, so by the time your mimosas hit you’re singing along to all the throwback jams.

Half Smoke truly commits to their 90’s aesthetic. Though the decor clearly caters to millenials, it also gives a very family friendly feel. During my Saturday afternoon brunch, I saw ages ranging from 8 years old to 80 years old. So if you’re looking for an adult, grown and sexy vibe, this is not the place.



Half Smoke’s brunch menu is so attractive due to the fact that it is available ALL DAY, and bottomless mimosas come FREE. The purchase of a brunch entree gets you free bottomless mimosas for an hour. The menu featured some of the brunch standards like a burger, eggs benedict, and french toast. They had put a creative twist on some classics like fried chicken and a red velvet funnel cake, as opposed to chicken and waffles.


FOOD (1)

As a Black person, one of my cardinal going out to eat rules is, “Never order mac and cheese!” We know that the chefs cannot make macaroni and cheese like our grandmas, moms, and aunts can, so it usually ends up a waste of time. Most of the time, I look at a picture on Yelp,  break my rule and order mac and cheese anyway. This is one of the times I was not disappointed. Obviously they can’t touch my grandma, but it was still good and very filling. It was baked well and topped with (real) bacon bits.



Service (1)

The time constraints on the bottomless mimosas were something new for me, normally two hours is standard, but I was open to it. Get drunk in one hour instead of two? No problem. Unfortunately, our waiter was extremely slow on the refills making this difficult to achieve. He basically left us two pitchers and left us alone. Then proceeded to bring us our check once the hour was over, never inquiring if we wanted more to drink (which we did). I still left brunch a little tipsy, solely based on the fact that my waiter was rarely to be found.

Overall Rating (1)

2 Star Rating

Two Cheers! I was not too pleased with Half Smoke as a brunch place. I enjoyed my food but an hours worth of mimosas that were rarely filled up was a major disappointment. For $18, I cannot complain too much because I guess I got what I paid for.  I have been to Half Smoke for happy hour, had their food and other cocktails, and enjoyed my experience, but I probably will not return again for brunch. I’d rather pay $15-20 and go to a brunch that will not let me see the bottom of my glass.

P.S. Their frose (frozen rose) is a must!

HalfSmoke offers free bottomless mimosas with the purchase of a brunch entree all day, Friday-Sunday. 

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