Maya – NYC


Maya is a Mexican tapas restaurant located on the Upper East Side. You can feel the Latin vibes through the decor, menu and even the warm hospitality from the staff. This a a great spot if you’re looking to venture out from the normal brunch menu of chicken and waffles and steak and eggs. Maya’s boozy brunch was a fresh take on a Saturday tradition.




The best thing about Maya is that it is both bottomless brunch drinks AND bottomless food for a flat rate of $49. Sounds amazing right? The mimosas come in four flavors- strawberry, mango, passionfruit and guava. All flavors were great but passion fruit was my favorite by far. If you’re looking to have another drink after brunch, the Maya margarita is to die for!


FOOD (1)

Only thing I love more than endless mimosas, is endless Mexican food. I love Mexican food; so naturally this place was a dream. I loved that Maya had such a variety of food. We had everything from empanadas, to Mexican donuts, to salmon. The dish that stood out to me the most was the “Maya dog,” a bacon wrapped hot dog with chipotle rouille- it was absolutely delicious. As you can image, after a few cocktails, it really hit the spot.


Service (1)

I’m always nervous of going out to eat with large groups. To be frank, I fear that I’ll see the bottom of my mimosas because the waiter is (understandably) overwhelmed managing the large group. Maya completely took away that fear, our server was prompt and ready with the pours. The plates continue to come for the whole two hours too. Overall, the waiter was extremely attentive to the needs of the table.

Overall Rating (1)


3 Star Rating

Three Cheers! Maya is easily a three cheers in my book. After going, I raved about this spot to anyone who would listen. Maya has mastered great drinks, great food, and great service. I can’t wait to return for more Maya dogs and margaritas!

Maya has brunch every Saturday and Sunday from 10 am- 4 pm. 




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