Shaw’s Tavern – DC


Shaw’s Tavern is a pretty popular brunch place right around Howard University, and has a pretty mixed crowd. It has a very chill vibe, with great music playing in the background that will have you singing along after a few mimosas. They have pretty rustic decor, with indoor and outdoor seating and an upstairs for private dining as well. It is a place that you can take almost anyone.


Their brunch menu is Southern inspired, with key items like hushpuppies, fried green tomatoes, shrimp and grits, mac n cheese, and a cornbread chicken and waffle. One great thing about their brunch menu is they have a lot of sandwich options. Most places usually just have one brunch burger, but Shaw’s Tavern also features pulled pork, a breakfast sandwich, a chicken sandwich and another burger. Shaw’s also offers a variety of pizzas, essentially having anything you could possibly want from a brunch menu.

FOOD (1)

I’ve ordered shrimp and grits from Shaw’s Tavern a few times before, and I wasn’t particularly impressed so I decided to venture out this time. I ordered the breakfast pizza, which features tomatoes, bacon, green onions, an egg, and very delicious sauce I can’t name. I replaced the tomatoes with caramelized onions and got my egg over easy. The pizza was not only really good but also very filling. I was very satisfied and even had leftovers.


Service (1) I am pretty much always pleased with the service at Shaw’s Tavern. I’ve been there for birthdays, farewell brunches,  and random Sundays and they are always accommodating. The mimosas stay replenished, and they are quick to correct any mistakes that may have occurred with your order. Even though we arrived at 1:30pm this time, our waitress ensured we got the most out of our two hours of bottomless and checked on us very often.

Overall Rating (1)

Three Cheers! Shaw’s Tavern is pretty much always hit. The food, service and mimosas rarely ever fail, and it is a staple for any avid brunch goer in D.C. Last minute or plan ahead, Shaw’s Tavern is the place to go (although you may want to plan ahead because they can be crowded).

3 Star Rating

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