Tulips – DC


Tulips is a quaint champagne bar, located in a row house in DuPont Circle. The inside is very floral heavy with fresh tulip arrangements scattered throughout the dining room, hence the name “Tulips”. The decor is a combination of classic and chic with exposed brick and a crystal chandelier to add charming touches.

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The entree options left a lot to be desired and the choices weren’t too creative and left out some of the necessary brunch staples.  They offered waffles (no chicken), a burger, bagel and lox, and eggs bacon and potatoes. Tulips makes up for their lack of food options by offering bottomless oysters and beignets. The beignets tasted more like cinnamon sugar donut holes. After a donut hole or two, we realized they weren’t worth eating. The bottomless oysters were exactly what we needed while we had our mimosas and ordered our food.

FOOD (1)

The burger was the only option that I was attracted to. It wasn’t a typical brunch burger and was not offered with a fried egg. The burger was very regular; not the best I’ve had but also not the worst.

The bottomless mimosas are served in the best style, pour it yourself. They provide an entire bottle of champagne with a small carafe of your juice of choice. We opted for the bellini, which they made in house, and was a pear puree instead of peach. The puree was very concentrated so you have to be careful when you pour so its not too sweet and syrupy.


Service (1)

The dining room is pretty small so the one waiter/bartender was able to be attentive to the two tables and the few of us sitting at the bar. All the staff was very friendly and provided us with refills on the oysters and bottles of champagne very promptly.

Overall Rating (1)

Three Cheers! Although Tulips has limited menu, the overall experience is worthwhile. The bottomless oysters, beignets and bloody mary’s, mimosas, and bellinis make up for their more simplistic brunch options . This place is definitely something to try if you’re into oysters and want to deviate from you normal, go-to brunch spots.

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