801 – DC



801 is a super cute restaurant in the newly gentrified Shaw neighborhood. They have three floors with a rooftop that is perfect for summer/spring and all the Instagram pictures you could imagine. The decor is very bright and welcoming with splashes of yellow and lots of flowers sprinkled around. In addition to the great choice of R&B and pop music playing, 801 gives you everything you could want when it comes to vibes.


Most of the options on 801’s brunch menu are very light and remind me of a stereotypical California brunch. It features a salad, avocado toast, crepes, a sandwich, and a few egg dishes. As somewhat of a picky eater, the only things on the menu that were options for me to order was the breakfast burger and breakfast tacos. I think other picky eaters might have trouble finding a dish on this menu that suits them.

FOOD (1)

As a person who enjoys a good brunch quesadilla or burrito I thought the tacos would be the perfect choice. Unfortunately, the tacos were not a hit. Although they sounded very good (with scrambled eggs, chorizo, salsa, onions, and queso fresco, how could they not be?!), they lacked flavor. I thought adding some sour cream would help make them more enjoyable, the restaurant did not have any, so I had to eat them dry. Additionally, I could not even switch it out for the brunch burger because my friends who ordered said it was a dud as well.


Service (1)

Although our waitress seem to be a bit anxious, the overall service was good. At times she slacked a little in bringing us new champagne bottles, but I don’t fault her because we had a party of five and were downing our mimosas very quickly.

Overall Rating (1) Two Cheers! 801 has done a great job when it comes to music, drinks and decor, but they are heavily lacking in the food department. The best thing about 801 is that they are a pour your own/build your own mimosas restaurant. They offer a variety of juices and purees like orange, grapefruit, strawberry and peach puree. I had been trying to visit 801 for months but my brunch experience was a bit disappointing. Sometimes I can ignore average food for good mimosas and service, but 801 has not done enough to make me want to visit again.


P.S. I’ve been to 801’s rooftop for happy hour food and drinks and I thoroughly recommend!

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