Tre – NYC


Tre is a trendy Lower East side Italian spot located on Ludlow Street. The restaurant’s cool vibes fit in perfectly with neighbors Pianos, The DL and Ludlow House. The space is super intimate, with a bar and only a few tables. Once the weather warms up, the back patio will be open to enjoy some sun as you dine.




Tre’s brunch menu features italian entrees with a few American dishes sprinkled in between. I’m definitely not used to eating so heavy so early in the day, but was down to try something different. The restaurant’s brunch special is the most attractive thing on the menu: bottomless mimosas plus an entree for $27.95. Finding an all inclusive brunch for less than $35 is pretty much unheard of, especially downtown, so I had to check this place out. The downside to such a great priced brunch, is usually limited options. There was no room for substitution, and because the physical brunch menu was separate from the regular menu, I wasn’t able to get a full scope of Tre’s offerings.



FOOD (1)

I went with the carbonara and because the table ordered a variety of dishes, I was able to try a few things. With a day party planned after brunch, heavy carbs seemed like a great choice. The pasta was simple but very good. I also got to try the steak and eggs, and Tre burger: very good! I’m still thinking about the fries.



Service (1)

I would recommend making a reservation here because the space is so small. Though the bartender also served as the host and waiter, he did not skip a beat. Our mimosas were heavy on the champagne, just how I like it, and our glasses were never empty. After our two hours was up, the waiter politely told us there was another party waiting for our table, which is expected on a beautiful Saturday. My only caveat with Tre is there cash-only policy, in the year of Apple pay, Master Pass, and Square, it’s almost a chore to carry cash.


Overall Rating (1)

3 Star Rating

Three Cheers! I really enjoyed Tre’s quaint and warm atmosphere . The restaurant’s intimate vibes make it great for a date or catching up with a friend. I would not recommend going here wit a party of more than five. I can’t wait to return when the weather is nice to experience the patio. You will never leave Tre hungry, as their carb-forward and high protein dishes are quite filling. Don’t forget to bring cash or you’ll be washing dishes!

Tre serves brunch every Saturday and Sunday from 12 pm to 4 pm.