Tavern 29 – NYC


Tavern 29 is a true tavern: cozy with, dim lighting and a lot of word finishing. While the restaurant was long, it was pretty narrow ( but not crowded.)  All of the tables are high tops, (which I have a love/hate relationship with.) Tarven 29 has a Black, Le Cordon Bleu trained executive chef, which is what drew me in. The restaurant’s track list was super nostalgic and included all the songs you loved when you were in middle school (think: Sean Paul, Destiny’s Child, and Fergie.) My favorite thing about Tavern 29 is their rooftop. After brunch we headed up there; it has a beer garden vibe and it’s perfect for when you don’t have after-brunch plans, but don’t want to go straight home after.



Tavern 29’s menu options are very American: omelettes, burgers, pizza, and a salmon Benedict if you’re feeling breakfast. If you’re really feeling lunch instead of breakfast wings are on the menu too. The restaurant also gives an option of avocado toast or a Farro bowl for a lighter diet. If you’re anything like me, though avocado toast is delicious, $15 for it is insane. The menu has great options but leaves out brunch favorites like shrimp and grits and chicken and waffles. Bottomless mimosas are priced on the higher side at $25. 

FOOD (1)

I went with the hangover pizza. The pizza was about the size of &pizza’s pizzas (if you know, you know). On the pie was Bechemel (white sauce), cheddar jack cheese, spinach, and bacon topped with two eggs sunny side up. It was absolutely amazing. I would love to wake up to that pizza every time I’m hungover. I’m not usually a fan of white sauce, but I didn’t even notice. My friends both ordered the hangover burger which also received rave reviews.


Service (1)

The restaurant served mimosas in stemless wine glasses instead of flutes which meant more mimosas and less empty glasses. In addition to larger glasses, our waitress was extremely attentive, filling our glasses up until the last minute. The was a party of ten dining at the same time as us, and our waitress skillfully balanced both parties, never forgetting about our table.

Overall Rating (1)

Three Cheers. Tavern 29 is now on my go-to brunch list. The food is satisfying, the service is great, and vibe was right. My pizza was so delicious and I can’t wait to try everything else on the menu. I’m that friend who never wants to go home, so beer garden rooftop was also perfect. I’d recommend Tavern 29 for lowkey brunches, catching up with old friends, and even dates (but not the first date LOL.)